I have received my item but packaging damages during transit, can I change the item?

In regards to the enquiries about packaging damages during transit, it would be appreciated if you would understand the packaging damage is not included in warranty. On occasions and for a variety of reasons, some packaging could be damaged during transit which is outside of our control. However, if any defects in the actual item(s), we would take our responsibilities for the defects. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Can you reserve an item for me?

Due to stock turnover and nature of business, our products are sold on a first order - first sold basis. You may place an order for the item you wish to purchase first and make your payment within the next 3 days.

Can I physically see an item before I purchase it?

Unfortunately, as IdealSmart strives to provide its customers with the lowest prices possible, we are essentially an online store and do not have the capabilities to display products. All of our products are pre-packaged from our suppliers straight to our warehouse, ready to be shipped to you! We will continue to provide highly detailed descriptions, photos and information on all of the items we sell and if you can't find what you're looking for there, just contact our fantastic customer service team who will happily help find the information you're looking for!

Is Lay-by available?

Sorry, we do not provide Lay-by service

What happens if the item I wish to order is out of stock?

You can click on "Alert Me" and we will send you an email to alert you about the restocking time.